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Victoria's Secret's little sister

No international sporting organization,Buy ipod touch

Football is an American Sport

American football is American. In the end would we want to share one of our greatest pastimes with the rest of the world? Many Americans enjoy the fact that we as a nation have a very independent spirit. Having our own sport simply magnifies that spirit. One thing is for sure, Olympics or no Olympics American football is here to stay.

Given the first reason, that football is an American sport, and that this sport has not caught on with other countries it is not likely to see any organization being formed in the near future. Thus furthering the distance that American football would have to journey to enter the games.

Online T-shirt design shop Threadless is once again the most popular brand on Twitter with 2.146,Cheap macbook,194 followers, followed closely by US brand TOMS, with 2.141,Buy Alienware,036 followers. Just like on Facebook, Victoria's Secret scores high on Twitter. With over 2 million followers, the lingerie brand is good for third place.

They would shut it down just like baseball and softball


If American football was instated it would require the largest amount of athletes per team coming in on average about 56 members per team. An average soccer team has anywhere from 25 to 30 members. Twice as many people would not be a big reason for non-inclusion in the summer games,for 24 hour races,Discount apple iphone 4s,California, but it does present some concerns about getting competition that is not from the United States to come and participate.

Victoria's Secret's little sister, Victoria Secret Pink, had a hard time keeping up with its competition and was forced to relinquish four places. Abercrombie & Fitch, however, dropped the furthest. The Facebook page featuring pictures of buffed men was clearly not as in demand this year as it fell from 15th to 22nd place with 7.5 million likes.

Second, they would probably shut it down just like baseball and softball. Third, the shear volume of players has to be a small reason for the non-inclusion. Fourth, there is no international sporting organization set up for football

Has it ever surprised you that one of the greatest sports in one of the greatest nations is not shared with the rest of the world? You have to think that the Olympic committee has received at least some request to add football. This article is meant to point out some of the peculiar reasons that it might not qualify for any future Olympic Games. First, is that it is an American Sport.

By far the biggest reason that American football has not joined the ranks for the Olympics is football is lacking an international sporting organization. One of the requirements of any sport prior to entering the Olympics is an international organization that is established to govern the sport all over the world.

In the end, the question that we need to pose is, "Does football need the Olympics?" I would state that football is fine where it is. It has been estimated that 97 million people tuned in for the Giants vs. Patriots super bowl. Though likely to increase in these 2008 games,iphone 5 outlet, viewers for the 2004 games in Athens were estimated at 24 million.

Much to the disappointment of many American fans Baseball and Softball will not be a part of the 2012 London games. One of the reasons is that the United States has won it so many times that there really is no amount of competition that can come up against them. We could easily assume that if football was instated into the Olympics that it would be relativity impossible do dethrone our talent in the sport. Seeing as there is no point in competing against the likes of the New York Giants or the Patriots in shear atheism,just about every entrepreneur has some sales experience., one could denote that the same fate that has visited baseball and softball would surely come to pass on American football even after it was instated into the Olympics.

One of the main reasons that football might not be considered is that it is primarily an American sport. American football is not the only sport to have origins on this nation. Many sports like baseball and basket ball have expanded there reach to other countries. However football has never really extended past our continent. A reason may be due to the fact that football is a relatively newer sport. Though the exact date is unknown, we guess that it was started in the late 1800's. Much later than some of its sporting relatives: rugby or even soccer.

Jeans label Levi's is rapidly closing in on the top three and jumped from tenth to fifth place last year with 17.8 million fans. Louis Vuitton is another big climber. Within just one year, the fashion house moved from the 24th position to the ninth with 13.4 million likes.
The highest listed newcomer is Vans. With 10.9 million fans, the brand now occupies 13th place on the FashionUnited Facebook Index.

Shear number of players

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